Monday, January 10, 2011

Product and Price List

At Vineyard Farms, all the products we offer are grown naturally without chemicals, grass fed, and free range!  You will know exactly where your food comes from, and you can feel confident in the amount of nutrition it holds.  We offer food the way God intended it- natural, real, and wholesome!

All products offered are on a seasonable basis.  Please contact us to ensure that the product you seek is available. 

Product                                                                                                               Price

Grass Fed, Grass Finished Beef                           click here

Eggs                                                                                                          $4 per dozen


Unfiltered, Local Wildflower Honey                       $16/quart

Lip Balm                                                                                                     $4.00 each

Raw Cow Milk (pet milk)                                        $8 per half gallon


Raw Goat Milk (pet milk)                                             $8 per half gallon


Vegetables                                    differs (when in season)  *LOCAL PICK UP ONLY*

Fruits                                                 differs (when in season)  *LOCAL PICK UP ONLY*

Goat Milk Soaps                                                                  $6.00 per bar

To place an order, please email us at with your specifics.  We will contact you regarding availability, pricing, and shipping, if applicable.  No shipping is available for refrigerated products.  No goat cheese is available for sale, due to state regulations.  Raw milk is sold for pet consumption.  The state of Georgia does not recognize unpasteurized milk as fit for human consumption.

Thank you for supporting our family farm!

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