Tuesday, December 27, 2011

More about our beef...

About Our Animals...
Our cows graze happily on grass all day!  Our farm is structured in such a way that each cow has at least an acre to roam and graze.  Our cows play with our goats, and graze alongside their calves.  We raise animals the way God intended.  They are never given hormones or antibiotics. 

About the Processing...
We chose a USDA inspected and monitored processor that will deal with our animals in a very specific way.  The animal is the only one in the facility when it is butchered.  It was important to us that our cows were not watching other cows be slaughtered.  The cows are knocked out in a very humane way, and they feel no pain in the process.  Because our animals are all BIG PETS, we could not have chosen a harsh process!

About the Shipping...
Once the animals have been slaughtered, they are dry-aged for a number of days.  The meat is then cut, trimmed, cleaned and labelled in airtight, vacuum-sealed, freezer-ready packages.  If we are shipping your meat to you, we then arrange your order in a styrofoam cooler with dry ice, and ship it to you!  We will go over your shipping options with you, and will always ship it at cost.  We recommend second day service to get your meat to you in the fastest most cost efficient manner possible!


  1. We would like to order at least 30lb of ground and maybe about 12 steaks. We are not picky and just excited to get the best meat properly raised. Being able to see their actual home makes it worth every cent. I just don't trust anyone anymore. Thank you for this opportunity! :) Lori Bonicelli

  2. Just filled out the order sheet!! Thanks!!

    1. Lori!
      I just saw these messages. I hope you're enjoying your grass fed beef! How does it taste? :D